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Coaching Services

Everything You Need To Reach Your Goals

Below are my coaching paths for different abilities and distances. If you're not sure which would suit you best or require face to face training then please let me know through the contact form.

Coaching Overview

Using a running coach will bring a new perspective to your training and race preparations. Whether you are relatively new or a seasoned athlete a coach can address so many aspects of your training including ones you didn't realise you had! 

  • Bring structure to your training week that takes in to account your commitments

  • Ensure each and every session brings you closer to your goals, swapping out junk mileage for quality

  • Bring variation so training is fun and motivating

  • Optimised to bring improvements and specificity for a particular target race

  • Regular plan adjustments (one to one)

  • Provide an unbiased view of your training and identify habits which are leading to under or overtraining (one to one)

  • Strength and conditioning advice (one to one)

  • Answer questions e.g. about what to eat or drink in a race, clothing and equipment options (one to one)

  • Help to remove blockers to progress, whether physical or mental (one to one)

  • Discuss race tactics and dealing with environmental conditions (one to one)

  • Advice on choosing races (one to one)


This leaves you to get on with your training and not have to think or worry about how to go about and whether it will properly prepare you for the start line.


These suggested coaching options are for low mileage athlete or for those that run up to 3 runs per week who are seeking to improve race times or increase volume. With correct coaching you can maximise your training efforts through high quality targeted sessions:

Endurance or Elites

High mileage, marathon or ultra athlete looking for performance and endurance improvements. Coaching provides effective training to increase race distance, speed, technique and strength. Advice and support provided on race day strategy, kit, heat/cold, fuelling.


1-2-1 Coaching

Coaching for all distances, terrain types and environments.

How does it work?

  • I will send you a questionnaire to complete about your running. We will then have an initial consultation call via phone or video call of up to one hour to understand your current fitness levels, goals, and available training time.

  • A clear training plan will be presented to you through an online training log/calendar built solely to your needs outlining what each session involves and what 'good' looks like

  • Regular monthly one to one coach contact via phone or video call of up to one hour which will include pre-race discussion on tactics, food, race nerves etc if required

  • Post-race debrief and analysis

  • Unlimited personal communication via email or WhatsApp to ask questions or let me know of any problems / unexpected events that impact your plan

Communication is essential for remote coaching so the more I get to know you and you provide feedback the better I can make the plan for you!

One Off Plan

One Off training Plan

How does it work?

I will ask you to complete a questionnaire about yourself, your current training levels and your running goal. When you return the questionnaire I'll then book in your one-hour consultation via phone or video call to go over the plan in the online training log/calendar, answer any questions and make any diary amendments that will not work for you. This way you'll be satisfied that the plan will work for you from day 1.


Why pay for a bespoke plan?

Internet 'ready-made' plans are not tailored and assume everyone is the same. A bespoke plan will be adjusted to your current fitness levels and running history, your daily commitments and will target the areas you need to work on most to achieve your goal. A ready-made plan cannot do this and on quickly starting one you may find it is too challenging or not challenging enough, is unachievable, or leads to injury.


If you feel a bespoke one off-plan doesn't provide the coach contact that you require or you have long term goals then check out 1-2-1 coaching.

Face To Face

Face To Face Runs

Face to face runs can be tailored to your needs. There are lots of possibilities available depending on whether you are local to Leeds in West Yorkshire and you'd prefer in-person training rather than remote 1-2-1 coaching.


If you are not based locally then one-off or infrequent sessions are available such as guided runs and race recces.

  • 1-2-1 coaching delivered face to face (as an alternative to distance coaching) within Leeds, West Yorkshire Region

  • Technique sessions (individual or group) to review and address identified development areas, e.g. gait analysis, uphill and downhill technique, off-road confidence

  • Guided runs on trails such as on National Trails or recce of target race e.g. Hardmoors, Lakeland, UTMB/CCC

Get in touch if you require a face to face run and we can discuss your requirements and pricing.

Image by Massimo Sartirana
Bucket List
Image by Brian Metzler

Bucket List Race Training

If you have an entry to one of the bucket list/dream marathons or ultra races from around the world then you'll want to get all of your race preparations and race strategy right. I've seen very good athletes DNF due to a lack of knowledge about the race terrain and climate, being poorly prepared and making mistakes come race day.


Your coaching plan will be specifically targeted for your dream race and your regular coaching calls will develop your knowledge of the race, tactics, kit etc over several months so you feel ready and confident on the start line.

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